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Frequently Asked Questions 

Are rental homes avaliable within the community?

  • Cadgewith Farms does not allow any rental homes within the community. 


Is there a homeowner's association fee?

  • Yes! there is a homeowners association fee, but it is not required.  The current fee is  $5.00 per person.   This fee helps pay for the monthly newsletter/ claendar, potlucks, supplies and utensils, etc. 


Can residents have their own lawn/ garden design?

  • Yes!  The landscaping around each home is the residents responsibility to maintain.  You may have less or more flowers it is simply at your discression.  The park maintenance maintains all trees, you are not allowed to trim any trees without management approval.  Planting trees also requires managment approval.  


Are pets allowed at the community?


Is there financing options avaliable?


What fees can I expect to pay as a resident of Cadgewith Farms?

  • Monthly Lot rent: $510 or $530

  • Electric & Gas Bill: 12 month average per home is $140.00 month

  • Water Bill: $20-$50 month 

  • TV, Internet, and Phone: Depends on the service you choose

  • Pet fee: $10 per month per pet

  • RV storage lot: $15 month

  • Garage taxes: $75-$150 per year 


What are the average home prices?

  • Home prices vary depending on the current market, economy, home size, and updates done to the home. In 2022 home prices were between $70,000- $155,000. 


What are the average home sizes?

  • Home sizes are between 1000 S.F. - 1500 S.F.


Are there seasonal residents?

  • Yes! About 1/2 of the community are seasonal residents. 


If I am a seasonal resident what do I need to do while I am gone?

  • Cadgewith Farms reccomends you winterize the home, but you are not required to do so.  We do required you to make the water shut off location in your yard.  We also reccomend you have us shut off the water in your yard to prevent any leaks from occuring.  


Who provides TV, internet, and phone service?

  • TV: Dish, Direct, AT&T Uverse 

  • Internet: AT&T

  • Phone: AT&T


How much does lot rent increase each year?

  • The past 8 year lot rent has only increased $5.00 each year.


Do you have to pay a property tax?

  • Yes!  There is a property tax, however this tax is only applied to the structures fixed to the property (Garage, sunroom, or breezeways).  This tax is bill and paid directly to Dewitt township.  


Is there a security deposit?

  • Yes!  There is a $500 security deposit you will pay at the time of sale on the home.  This is to ensure if the home is moved out of the community, no trees, or under ground utilities are damaged. Upon move out you will recieve this deposit back unless damages were occured. 

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