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February Newsletter

Updated: Apr 23


Now that winter has officially arrived, please take a minute to refresh yourself on the snow plowing infor- mation below. One of the major issues is parking on the roadways. Per the rules, there’s a maximum of 4 hours allowed for parking on roadways. This rule applies to all year, not just during the winter. Each home has a garage and driveway, if there’s a need to park temporarily somewhere other than those

spots we ask that you utilize the over flow parking areas that we have throughout the community. Not only is this important for our snow plows but also for emergency vehicles.

Additionally with Emily having children, snow days and a 20 minute commute; Kelly with a 30 minute

commute on a good day, there may be days the office is closed. Our office is set up to work remotely. If

you notice our vehicles aren’t out front, give the office a call. You can always reach us by phone. We

will also try to have maintenance put a sign on the door.


Snow Plowing Information

It’s that time of year again, when the snow begins to fall and needs to get removed from the roads. Here’s some helpful reminders:

 Overnight parking on the road is not allowed, especially during or after a snow storm

 During daytime snow fall events, please make an effort to park off roadways

 Please do not approach the plow truck by car or in person, contact the office if you have a question or concerns

 When shoveling or snow blowing your driveway please don’t put snow back into the road, in-stead into your lawn

 Ends of driveways may or may not get plowed by Cadgewith Farms, depends on the amount of snow received and the amount of time our maintenance crew has. This is done as a courte-sy and can’t be expected.


Our maintenance crew is hoping to start working shortly on tree trimming and tree issues that have been re-ported. They have quite a list and of course all work depends on the weather. If you have any questions, please contact the office at (517) 371-1101. With that being said, hopefully mother nature cooperates. Thanks for your patience.


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