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Swimming pool rules reminder

Updated: Apr 23

Swimming Pool: The swimming pool is for exclusive use of Residents and accompanied guests. Resident of the community MUST accompany all guests to the pool any be present the entire visit. The swimming pool Rule and Regulations are posted at the pool. For the personal safety of all Residents, it is required that each Resident and their guests obey these rules. Failure to do so may result in suspension of pool privileges and/or termination of tenancy.


  1. Use pool at your own risk. Cadgewith Farms is not responsible for any accidents or injuries.

  2. Pool is NOT rentable for parties.

  3. Pool is for residents only; all guests must be always accompanied by a resident.

    1. Pool is restricted after 7:00 pm to residents only.

    2. No more than six (6) guests are allowed, unless prior management approval. More than 2 children 18 and under will require more than one adult 18+ present, due to safety risks.

    3. Pool bathing limit is 50 persons, if the 50 persons maximum is met, guests will be asked to leave.

    4. Children three (3) years of age or younger must wear swim diapers.

  4. Everyone must sign in every time.

  5. No animals allowed.

  6. Proper swim attire is mandatory, cut off pants or street clothing will not be allowed in the swimming pool.

  7. Actions that result in the disturbance of others (i.e., loud music, running, throwing objects, rough play) will not be permitted.

    1. Excessive size or numbers of flotation and inflatable devices may not be taken into the pool (children are allowed floatation devices).

  8. Showers must be used before entering the water.

    1. Swimmers must be free of contagious skin conditions.

    2. Please do not wear band aids or bandages.

  9. Food and glass containers are prohibited inside fenced pool area.

  10. Emergency phone on wall is for 911 calls only.

  11. Emergency backboard is in women’s pool restroom.

It is our hope that everyone will be able to enjoy the swimming season and we are pleased to see the pool being used. We will do our best to make swimming an enjoyable occasion. If you should experience any problems using the pool, please call the Cadgewith Farms Office 371-1101.

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