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Listing a home in Cadgewith

Who can list a home for sale?

  • Selling options include by owner, by Cadgewith Management, or by another licensed retailer/broker. 

For sale by owner 

  • After inspections completed, Owner may place a for sale sign at the home. 

  • Owner will be showing and handling any offers with a prospect buyer.  

  • Owner will be sure prior to accepting an offer the persons have applied and are approved through management. 

  • All paperwork is handled by the seller and buyer. 

Inspections required

  • Yes, an inspection is required by management before listing a home for sale. 

  • Inspection includes the state required fire extinguisher, and working smoke alarms. 

  • As well as any water cross connection points. 

Listing with Management 

  • Cadgewith farms holds a retailer/broker license to sell used homes in the community

  • Cadgewith will have seller sign a listing agreement.  Agreement includes home sale price, commission paid by seller, as well as any terms. 

  • Cadgewith will list the home on our website, national website, handle all showings, all negeotiations, and all paperwork for the sale.  Including filing for title at secretary of state and the township. 

  • Cadgewith will email all prospect buyers with information on the home for sale. 


  • Realators typically do NOT sell  homes within a mobile home community in the State of Michigan. 

  • Realators sell real land, a home within Cadgewith Farms is titled and land is not being sold.

  • Some realators may also have a brokers license if so, a copy of the license is required by the office prior to listing the home. 


  • When Cadgewith lists the home, showings are by Appointment only.

  • Showings may be any day or time.(during daylight)

  • Office hours are mon-fri 9am-noon but showings may be anytime.

More information

For more information on rules and regulations on sales of mobile home in Michigan.  Please view The Mobile Home Buyer's & Resident's Handbook.

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