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April 2024 Newsletter

Updated: Apr 23

From The Office

Dewitt Township is offering their “Clean Sweep” program where you can go to the township building and get a free voucher to discard household refuse at Granger Waste Services. Voucher is good from April 26th through May 8th. No vouchers will be issued after April 19th, contact Dewitt Township for more details.

Reminder that our speed limit is 15mph and that there’s a stop sign (not yield) at the end of the boulevard in front of the office. We’ve addressed this numerous times in the newsletters but we’re still getting com-plaints of people not obeying. So, once again please be courteous to your fellow neighbors and drive the speed limit. Also remind family and friends coming into the community.

Are you already a member of the Cadgewith Farms Community Facebook Page? If not request and invite to be approved. This page is for residents only and contains a lot of information from residents and the office.

Our maintenance team, which only consists of two have been very busy. They’ve been working on the tree list (which isn’t complete yet) and concrete list will be addressed after. Concrete issues are prioritized by severity and all may not be completed this year.


If your ever want to enlarge an image on Facebook, for example our calendar or event post-ing, you can do so by following these steps: Tap on the image with your finger; Put two of your fingers next to each other on the image; Slowly spread those two fingers apart and the image will enlarge. Another option of viewing the calendar is by visiting to our website and you’ll find it under the residents tab. If you need help, bring your de-vice up tot the office and we'd be more than happy to help you.


CFA Updates

Greetings to all Cadgewith residents, new and old, from Port Aransas, Texas! We’re currently on our long trek home. Next stop, San Antonio and then San Marcos for the solar eclipse. Home sweet home by April 11th. We’re excited about the addition of a new event this year, the ‘Senior Prom’, May 18th, organized by John and Ruth Mochel, so make sure you get your tickets soon! And start getting your things together as you do your spring cleaning to prepare for the Community Garage Sale the first weekend of June head-ed up by Phil Bartlett this year. Thank you all for holding down the fort in my absence, and I look forward to resuming my duties this summer and seeing you all soon!

Denise Hartman, CFA President


TO view the calendar larger please click it and you may zoom in. Or go to the resident tab and view the calendar and all events with locations and time there.

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