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June Newsletter


What a busy time of year with summer on the way. Just a couple notes we wanted to share:

The office will be closed for in person contact July 3rd-5th. You may call the office number (517) 371-1101 between 9am-12pm on the 3rd & 5th if you need anything, Kelly will answer the call. Like always, in case of a park-like emergency after hours or on the holiday , please call the office num-ber and follow the prompts to leave an emergency message and someone will give you a call back.

We have completed all tree issues that will be done this year, except for those handful that we need lifts for. Any reported and not completed have been moved to 2025. It’s now onto mowing, concrete issues and pool season. Any emergency tree issues will get addressed when called in.

  • Rule reminders view the current rules and regulations at:

    • Trash Bins: Trash bins are provided by granger. Bins should be stored within the garage or behind the garage out of view from the roadway.

    • Speed Limit: All vehicles operating within the community must abide by the posted (15 MPH) speed limit and all traffic signs. This is the federal law within all mobile home communities. *Please try to remind all guest of our speed limit*

    • Burn pile & composit in back of community: remember this is a privilage for our residents to use. There is signange as what you may place back there, if you have questions please contacat the office. Burn pile CANNOT have any nails, screws, treated lumber, gasoline, oil or other hazardous materials. We are required to call in prior to burning and do get looked at by fire personel. If we loose our burn permit, residents loose the burn option as well.



Hello Neighbors! Summer is gearing up and I’m happy to announce there are a few new fun activities being added to the monthly calendar.

We’ve added a new game night called “Card Elimination” on the second and fourth Mon-day of the month. We had a great turnout at our kickoff night and everyone had a great time. We’d like to see an even bigger turnout next month, so bring a neighbor. Mark your calendars for June 10th & 24th at 6pm.

Yahoo! I’m also excited to announce that Marty Allen is offering FREE line dance lessons once a week beginning Thursday, May 30th at 2pm in the clubhouse. All are welcome!

And get your parrot hats, hula skirts, coconut tops and tropical shirts ready for some lively music and great food July 20th for our Jimmy Buffet party at the clubhouse back patio with our resident Master of Music DJ, Steve Wilson! Details will be in flyers at mail houses soon.

Phil tells me we now have over 35 homes participating in the garage sales June 7th & 8th so break your piggy banks and get ready for some great bargains. Don’t forget, if you’re not having a garage sale and you would like to get rid of a few things, you can drop them off at Phil Bartlett’s house or my house and we’ll sell them in the garage sale with the pro-ceeds going to the Association activities fund.

I’m also looking for a few people to partner with me on some fundraising activity ideas. Please, contact me @ (517) 420-1438. God Bless! Denise Hartman, CFA President


There’ll be a trash delay on Memorial Day, trash will be picked up Tuesday May 28th. There won’t be a delay for the 4th of July.


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Pool Temperature infomation

Cadgewith Farms pool is set at 83 degrees, which may vary from 80-85 at times. See photo of the heater setting.

Bacteria, algae and other organisms thrive under warm water conditions this is obviously harmful not just for athletes but the general public in a commercial swimming pool, for competitive pools the water should be no higher than 82°F (28°C), for recreational pools the recommended maximum is 84°F (29°C). Most hotels and resorts keep the temperature of their pools at a comfortable 82° to 85°F (27° to 29°C). This is warm enough for comfortable swimming and lounging. Same for most condominium units institutional and public pools. For more information on pool temperatures see:

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Anna Heinze
Anna Heinze
May 23
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love the start of line dancing

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